The (mis)adventure begins….

Let us start at the beginning… this blog is a commentary on commentaries, Sanskrit commentaries that is, but I will write in English, after all I am just a beginner. By writing about the process of reading two commentaries on Kālidāsa’s Meghadūta, I am hoping to accumulate some tactics, tips, and knowledge on how to approach Sanskrit commentaries in general.

The two different commentaries I am using are: Vallabhadeva’s Vivṛti from the 10th century as available in Hultzsch (1998) and Mallinātha as presented in Kale (19961):

Hultzsch, E (1998). Kālidāsa’s Meghadūta. Munshiram Manoharlal, New Dehli

Kale, M.R. (1961). The Megahadūta of Kālidāsa. Motilal Banarsidass. New Dehli (reprint 2008).

Apart from the actual commentaries (and the original of course) there will be a number of companions on this journey:

Bucknell, R. S (2006). Sanskrit Manual. Motilal Banarsidass. New Dehil (reprint).

MacDonell, A.A. (1971). Sanskrit Grammar. 3rd Edition, Oxford University Press, Oxford .

MacDonell, A. A. (1954). A practical Sanskrit Dictionary. Oxford University Press, Oxford Monier Williams Sanskrit Dictionary Online at

Taylor, McComas. (2009). Little red book. 5th edition. ANU. Canberra

Tubb, G. A. and E. R. RBoose (2007). Scholastic Sanskrit – a manual for students. Colombia University, New York.

Whitney, W. D. (2006).The roots, verb-forms and primary derivatives of the Sanskrit language. Motilal Banarsidass, New Dehil (reprint).

Lastly I am also hoping there will be readers, you there… who will comment, help and suggest when I get into intractable problems – just like a certain yaka…


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activist, budding sanskrit 'scholar', beginning bansuri player .....
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