Post 5: verse 1 commentary continues….

I thought it would be useful to repeat the verse and then highlight the words that the commentary glosses or discusses, except the wordpress editor does not allow such fanciness….I am sure it is possible, so dear reader if you have a tip….in the meantime don’t hesitate to let me know about any errors of translation etc.!. So here is the verse again:

kaścit kāntāvirahagurunā svādhikārāt pramattaḥ

śāpenāstaṃgamitamahimā varṣabhogyeṇa bhartuḥ / /1.1

yakṣaś cakre janakatanayāsnānapuṇyodakeṣu

snigdhacchāyātaruṣu vasatiṃ rāmagiryāśrameṣu //

So, we had got up to line six….. let’s continue our (mis)adventure:

L6 : स ह्व जायायां व्यसनित्वात्स्वमधिकारमनपेक्षमाणो राजराजेन

sa hi jāyāyaṁ vyasanitvātsvam adhikāramanapekṣamāṇo rājarājena

He  (was) not looking after the rule of the kings of kings (Kubera), because of the addiction in (his) wife.

sa = he/this (nom, s, m)

hi? = pronoun – for, because

jāyāyām = in the wife (loc, f, s) jāyā

vyasanitvātsvam = self from addiction (acc, s, m)

vyasani-tvāt = (n. , abl) from attachment or addiction to

svam= self

adhikāram = authority (rule, authority (m, acc, s)

anapekṣamāṇaḥ = mfn. not looking about  (nom, s, m)

rājarājenaḥ – by the king of kings (Kubera)

rāja = king (m)

rājena= (inst, s, m) of kings

L7.1: तयैव तव वंर्ष विरहो ’ स्तु

tayaiva  tava varṣu or varṣu viraho’stu

       Indeed by her my lasting separation must be.  Perhaps better translated as:

       Indeed from her my lasting separation must be.

tayā =with/by her/this (inst, s, f)

iva  =so , just so , just , exactly , indeed ,

tava = of me (gen, s)

varṣu – vara – rain (f) mfn. ” lasting ” or ” produced by rain ”

virahaḥ = m. abandonment , desertion , parting , separation (esp. of lovers) , absence from  (s, m, nom)

astu = (third, imperative, s) as – be, – to take place , happen, to abide , dwell , stay

L7.2: महिमा ते नश्यत्विति शप्तः

mahimā   te naśyatviti   śāptaḥ

(that) superhuman power of yours be gone,  a curse being the reason.

mahimā   =greatness, superhuman power (m, nom, masc) goes like raja

te = of you (gen, s)

naśyatu= naś, 1. to be lost , perish , disappear , be gone , run away ( imperative, third, s)

iti  = in this manner, here the reason being etc

śāptaḥ =m. (√ śap) a curse , malediction , abuse , oath , imprecation , ban ,  ” to pronounce or utter a curse on any one ”

L7/L8: रामाद्रिमतः स आययौ

rāmādrimataḥ      sa   āyayau

this thought of a mass of clouds and a wife returned

rāmādrimataḥ   = thought of a mass of clouds and a wife (nom, s, m) dvanda compound

rāmā =f. a beautiful woman , any young and charming woman , mistress , wife ,   any     woman

adrimataḥ = thoughts of a mass of clouds

            adri = m. ( √ ad Un2. ) , a stone , a rock , a mountain 2. a mountain-shaped mass of clouds

mata= mfn. thought , believed , imagined , supposed , understood

sa   = he/this (nom, s, m)

āyayau = returned a+ yā (perfect, third, s)

L8: किदृशेष्वाश्रमेषु

kimdṛaśeṣrāmeṣu        kimdṛaśi aṣrāmeṣu

Seen in what ashrams?

kimdṛaśi = which beholding

aśramesu = (loc, pl, m) in ashrams

L8/9 जनकतनयास्नानपुण्योदकेषु सीतामज्जनपवित्रतोयेषु



whose waters were auspicious thru the bathing of the daughter of janaka (i.e) water purified by the bathing of Sitā

janakatanayāstrānapuṇyodakeṣu  = loc, pl   whose waters were auspicious through the bathing of the daughter of janaka

sitāmajjanapavitratoyeṣu = loc, pl    waters purified by prayer by the bathing of Sitā

sitā = Sitā (f)

majjana = n. sinking (esp. under water) , diving , immersion , bathing , ablution

pavitra= a purifying prayer or mantra

toyeṣu = n. (ifc. f(aa).) water (loc, pl,)


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